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Advanced Strumming Patterns
This video delves further into strumming bringing in some more advanced patterns involving 16th (semi quaver) notes, the song example used here is Bob Dylan's Knockin On Hevaens Door. quite a tricky one and not the same as the original but a good rhythm one the less, that suits the tune. Remember sometimes songs can be played (and will be played) differently from the original and played "live" it can be different again.
The rhythm mentioned in this video for Knockin On Heavens Door iis difficult and its imporant to make sure you understand quarter and eighth notes before trying to combine these with sixteenths to create the rhythm played here. The original is actually a bit more difficult than this but this rhythm suits the song well - feel free to download the Knockin' On Heavens Door - Chord/Rhythm Sheet (PDF).
Advanced Strumming Patterns


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