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Basic Soloing Techniques
This video is intended to give you an idea of the basic techniques used in soloing on guitar.  We will look at Hammer On's, Pull Off's Slide, Vibrato and Bends.  Using these techniques makes boring scales sound fun!!! Most of the solo's you hear will have plenty of this stuff going on.  At fir
Feel free to download the PDf which has some of the above techniques and other riffs to have a look at - some using 2 strings together and others mixing up A Pentatonic Minor scale (see the A Minor Pentatonic video) Various Riffs (PDF)
st jam with the scale come back to the “root i.e, main note from the key and then try and play landing on a note other than the root – this levaes the solo “hanging” and is a great way of giving your solos a different sound....
Basic Soloing Techniques


Jan 2018

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