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Jan 2018

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Get Playing Lead Guitar - Book and CD









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The idea for the book came to me a few years back.

So what is Get Playing Lead Guitar all about?






The book is aimed at the absolute beginner who wants to start learning lead guitar (while at the same time also learning their basic chords etc..) The book gets stuck in right away with 1 Octave scales (a basic form of the scales that are usually used up and down the fretboard) and takes you onto simple riffs and ideas to use these in your playing. There is also a 52 track audio CD with 11 backing Tracks and the other tracks are audio exaples of scales and riff etc... I feel a book can be pretty useless without some audio and I myself would only buy books with CD's/audio included.












I decided to write a book based closely on the way I actually was teaching and the scales and methods I use in lessons enabling students to start playing Lead Guitar. I find that a lot of books are either too basic or too advanced and getting one that gets you moving quickly with the techniques you need at the beginning was something lacking in a lot of books I had read and tried to use myself when learning. I also wanted to develop something that would be "handy" to carry i.e, because of its A5 size, it easily fits into a guitar case and therefore is easy to use anywhere you happen to be playing.



Take a look for yourself and feel free to download this PDF sample of the book.



The book has recieved great feedback (dont just take my word for it) - just click the Ebay link to see for yourself...
Get Playing Lead Guitar - Book 1- (customer feedback) Ebay


Heres a few sample backing tracks t have a listen to - these will give youa feel for the other tracks in the book:






Thanks a lot for checking out the book and feel free to contact me if you have any queries in relation to the book, tracks, scales etc...:)








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