JLG Guitar Tuition - First "Fretted Scale" A Pentatonic Minor - (Video)


First Fretted Scale - A Pentatonic Minor Scale
This video is a step further on from the last soloing video. This is the first of the "fretted" scales i.e, there are no open strings
Feel free to download the PDF which has both A Minor Pentatonic and also a B Pentatonic (simply move the "shape" up 2 frets - its movable to any key starting from F one the first fret. A Minor Pentatonic Scale shape (PDF)
used in this scale shape. Also it is very useful as its "moveable" up and down the fretboard - so if the backing track/song etc.. is in a different key you simply move this shape to the right position and use the same riffs etc...for most people this is the first fretted scale they learn....
First Fretted Scale - A Pentatonic (5 note) Minor Scale


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