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Lead Guitar Improvisation
One of the common themes in lessons is Lead Guitar. Whether its a student wanting to take an RGT Grade or simply to begin/improve on their lead playing I spend of lessons working on this. Once the basics are down its great being able to create your own solos....This first improvisation uses some scales and chords mentioned in the other lead guitar videos on the site..... This solo is over a "Slowhand Blues in A Minor" Track using a loop of chords that repeats with a change in the middle...The second Solo is over a Jazz Backing Track - again very popular and great for soloing over..The 3rd track is a "jam" over "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix (apologies for the abrupt ending...:) Fell free to check out the other Lead Guitar videos as a basic idea of the scales I used in this video (with a little extra thrown in..:)
Lead Guitar Improvisation


Jan 2018

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