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RGT Guitar Exams
Its been a really busy year so far with home lessons and now students are preparing for the Summer Guitar Exams in June. Next deadline for entries is 1st October, 2015.














Its that time of year again when schools are starting back and with the new St Ronans underway its been really busy getting lessons set up. Its been very busy already but if you would like your child to start school tuition (all school lessons last for 30 mins) and he/she attends either St Francis Primary School, St Anthonys Primary School, St Ronans (St Michaels, St Pauls and St Marys amalgated) - please let me know and I will see if I can add them to my school timetable. If not I can surely add them to the waiting list...:)




School Lessons
It usually takes me 2/3 weeks to finalize timetables as time of year is so busy in each school. I'm looking forward to another years guitar tuition and helping each student with their "guitar journey".



June 2017

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Latest Lessons


Eagles, Metallica,

Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith

Beatles, AC/DC


Get Playing Lead Guitar - Book and CD










New Videos coming Soon....


Ive decided that it it well overdue that some videos be put up so I will be adding videso every week from now on - these will be uploaded to my Facebook Page and also to Youtube. Im planning these will cover tips and tricks on chord changing, some RGT pieces, some lead playing and songs (maybe even a few of my own) from the past teaching year that have been very popular. As usual Ed Sheeran has proven to be really popular in lessons this past while. Keep checking back to the site and also Facebook for new videos...:)




















Home Lessons


This past year has been really busy in school and at home with loads of new songs being taught, RGT Exams, new students starting etc.... students have covered all types of stuff from Improvising Techniques, chart songs, preparing for their grades, help with Fingerstyle, you name it Ive probably covered it this past while from last September onwards.





JLG Strings n Things
To purchase a copy of the Book and CD just get in touch £10.99 including postage.